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Innovative Custom Builders (formerly Fitzpatrick & Sons, General Contractors) has been mastering the craft of building custom homes for over 25 years. Our culture is built upon the premise that we can deliver the highest standards of excellence in building while offering the best customer experience possible.

It’s the Innovative Custom Builders way.


In order to bring our client’s dreams to reality, we have perfected a process that has been the key to our success in creating happy clients. ICB provides seamless integration between all relevant parties- Architects, Designers, Engineers, and Consultants- in order to help our clients receive an excellent product and service that exceeds their expectations.

Being selective during our process of taking on new clients, it helps us ensure that we are the exact fit for you and your project as well as our companies process and work. 


We understand that when you embark on a renovation of any sort, it can be a stressful and sometimes mysterious process. The high quality experience and stellar level of service that our customers receive has become our trademark. We understand the necessity to deliver what we promise and work to provide the highest levels of communication, transparency, and work ethic. The combination of our process and our focus on the customer experience allows our projects to run smoothly as well as reduce construction issues and delays.

“So happy with our decision of choosing James, Dan & the entire team at Innovative Custom Builders (formerly Fitzpatrick & Sons) to build our home. When friends ask if we’d recommend our builders, I say without hesitation, “If I had to do this all over again, I’d go with the same guys!” No project is painless, especially when you’re knee deep into it, but we felt like we were always on the same team when issues came up. I especially appreciated their sincerity, timely communication, and overall “Let’s figure out how to get this done” attitude. Their crew, as well as every sub we had onsite, were always friendly & polite and we always felt comfortable directly approaching them. Tina, their office manager, is a gem – she had our budget & current progress numbers ready on a moment’s request, which is a lifesaver when making all the thousand decisions necessary on a project. I would say I’m ready to build our next house, except they did such a fantastic job with this one, I never want to move again! “

– R. Patel


We are driven by the idea that each of our customers is unique and each home should reflect that. Our approach provides an end result that fits your lifestyle as well as your design aesthetic wishes. ICB likes to feel as proud as our homeowner clients when the project has been completed.

BEHIND Innovative Custom Builders


Our story begins in Germany with a young man named Hans Armbrust, or Opa as we know him. Hans had a good life as a master carpenter in Germany, but he longed to see firsthand why so many had made the trip to America – this land of opportunity.

Hans immigrated to the United States in 1964 and began working for Challenge Homes in California. Though his country of residence had changed, he carried on his Old World commitment to exceptional work and careful attention to customers’ needs.

After building hundreds of homes in the Bay Area, in 1974 Hans decided to pursue the ultimate American dream: Opening his own business. Han’s success paved the way for those who followed in his footsteps. The values he had learned in the old country – and established in his own company in 1974 – are still carried on by his family and successors today.


Bill Fitzpatrick met Hans’ daughter in the early ’70s; little did he know at the time that he would marry the daughter of one of the most highly regarded home builders in the area. Hans became Bill’s mentor in the building trades; from Hans, Bill learned the importance of patiently walking step-by-step through the builder process with all clients, accepting nothing less than the highest quality craftsmanship and treating every customer with care and compassion.

Bill spent more than 10 years with Hans, building single-family homes, duplexes and triplexes. Bill obtained his own contractor’s license in 1988, founding Fitzpatrick & Sons General Contracting shortly after.


Dan quickly learned from father Bill the meaning of hard work. He also inherited the standards handed down in the family, to ensure every client receives the same, high quality service that made Fitzpatrick & Sons the market leader in home building. Starting at a young age with his father, Dan worked his way into company management in 2008.

When Bill retired in 2013, Dan took over the day to day operations. Since that transition, Dan has tripled the size of the company and established its status as the go-to custom home builder. Dan empowers clients with an engaging and interactive customer experience, understanding that building a home is one of the biggest decisions a family can make.


Most highschool boys spend their weekends chasing girls and wreaking havoc, but James had a different idea of what his youth should look like. Instead he spent his weekends working at Fitz & Sons with Dan; the two of them relishing at the thought that one day they could start their own home building company. Sure enough, after over 15 years of working together, the two of them evolved Fitz & Sons into Innovative Custom Builders. James lives by the creed of exceptional customer experience and diligence at every step of the building process. The hard work he demonstrates everyday has followed him from his early days at Fitz & Sons.

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